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CLOUDit - File Share & Transfer is a program that lets you easily and safely store any document, much like Dropbox and Google Drive do. Best of all, its multiplatform system lets you open any of the saved documents on any of your devices: smartphone, tablet or computer.

To use CLOUDit - File Share & Transfer you just need to be registered and have the app installed on the device you want to use. Once you’ve got that, using it is as easy as dragging any file you want to store towards its interface; in a matter of seconds, the file will synchronize to all the devices so you can access it at any time and in any place.

CLOUDit - File Share & Transfer lets you share any document directly from its interface and using any social network you like. Another great feature worth mentioning is that the high-speed servers make the download process extremely quick.

The encryption system included in CLOUDit - File Share & Transfer makes sure that any of the documents that are stored in its servers are always save from cyberattacks or hackers.

Access any document in the fastest and safest way with CLOUDit - File Share & Transfer.
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